June 20, 2005

Technorati tags revisited

You may notice that I’m adding links to Technorati tags for each of my newer posts. There are basically three reasons—the first being that I like to tag stuff. It’s a much natural way of organization.

Then the new Technorati beta looks quite good—not much functional improvement over the old site, but a lot of cosmetic improvement. The new UI is a lot better than the old one. The only real improvement I see is that now tag search results are not limited to just one page, you can look at older results as well.

The last reason being I’d always like more visitors to my page ;). My Google referred visitors have plummeted down to a negligible amount this month, and anyway people coming over here via a tag search are bound to be more inclined to read what I’ve written.

BTW, the Technorati tags for Blogger user script rocks…not perfect, but I’m making a few modifications to suit my markup.

Update: The beta’s gone live.

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