June 05, 2005


TiddlyWiki is an amazing piece of code. A whole wiki contained in a web page. Watch it in action, just look over at the site and see. Turn of the animations though, they’re annoying.’

Oh, from the Wikipedia page

TiddlyWiki is an open-source Wiki software for personal use. The whole system usually is contained in one web page (unless it is a server-side adaptation), making it easy to download and move around. It is made up of notes that you can edit directly and organize however you wish. It is programmed in HTML, Javascript and CSS, and does not have complete Internet Explorer compatibility.

Not played around with it a lot—right now what I need is collaboration which Backpack handles really well. I’ll try building a personal wiki next semester onwards. The neat thing is I can create as much stuff I want here—and just mail myself a copy of the page to use it anywhere.

A lot of people have also hacked around with it, check out some of the adaptations.

Oh, and also do check out pbWiki, which allows you to create your own free, password-protected wikis easily. Not really tried it yet.

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