June 03, 2005


You think I was too frustrated with Software Engineering, then read what a friend posted on a shared Backpack page:

Pressman Assassinated
Dr. Pressman, a renowned specialist in helping companies establish effective software engineering practices, passed away today in a bizarre incident where in a student who read his book (the old 5th edition) stabbed him to death. Sources close to the FBI tell us that the boy was an Indian. On further probing it was revealed that this boy had read the whole book and attempted his 3rd year examination in Engineering and the paper being tough he could not answer all the questions. This motive led to the performance of the brutal act.

This has stirred the teaching community and professors in India have sweared to set easy papers from now on. Who knows they may be next in the line ?

As per the identity of the boy who committed the crime, its still unknown.

This is Anonymous, reporting for Engg. news, India.

And anyone who takes this seriously will answer to me ;)

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Anonymous said...

HEHE lol this is relly funny ;)