July 12, 2005

Back as usual…

College started yesterday, but I’m bunking till next week.

The subjects just keep getting worse, here are this semester’s picks:

  • Computer Simulation & Modelling; statistics combined with modelling & testing of software (I think).
  • Mobile Computing; a joke of a subject. But something I can almost bear.
  • Image Processing; not as fun as it sounds. It involves math.
  • Management Information Systems; as terrible as it seems.
  • Programming with Components; which is full of outdated stuff it seems.

Can’t really complain about Programming with Components, it was an elective & I chose it over Advanced DBMS; it at least seems to be a somewhat practical subject.

Oh, and results for the last semester are out — 67%.


Ankur said...

MIS is the worst of the lots

Ankit said...

I know :(