July 17, 2005

Half-blood Prince

Half-Blood Prince Adult edition cover

I’m in two minds about this book; I really liked it and its really frustrating. Don’t worry, I’ll not give the plot away just yet.

The book starts of well, and never stops. This is the fastest-paced Potter book you’ll read, not that I grudge this point. Everything is well and good, I loved this book as usual. I’ve said it before, each successive book just keeps getting better. And as doubtless people will keep pointing out, this is a much more polished book the HP5.

Now for the bad part. The thing is that the end was expected, if not predictable. Little hints are thrown in throughout the book, to guard readers from the shock really. Plus there was the in-the-end-all-you-have-is-yourself factor, a must for all hero books. I could go on, but I confess that all this does not matter.

I would have loved the book beyond all doubts if I just had the Seventh book in my hands right now as well. HP6 is, to use more clichés, the deep breath before the plunge. Reading this makes you badly want to know what happens next, but knowing JK Rowling we’ll be lucky to get it by 2008.

Which I guess is just about right for a series like this. Writing the next book is gonna be tough, and I expect we’ll get a 1,000 page epic. Hopefully.


Girl said...

I liked it a lot too. I just finished the book. The last part was pretty exciting.

Ankur said...

all right i m jealous

Ankit said...

The Bride: It definately picks up near the end ;)

Ankur: Jealous? of moi!? You must me the first.

Chez said...

As i had put it, and as u had put it.. HP6 catches our breath all along.. isnt it more than expecting just the end... isnt it the feel all along?? I loved it very much!