July 10, 2005

Heroes Die

This has been some time coming, but I could not get myself to write an ‘objective’ review on Heroes Die — I like the book too damn much. Visceral is the word that comes to mind when trying the describe it, among others.

Heroes Die is an interesting blend of SciFi & Fantasy; set in the future with an alternate reality thrown in. It’s also a political/social critique. It’s a love story, and it’s an old fashioned hero story as well.

The society of the future is a rigid, caste-based one; with your caste depending on what you do. Hari is an actor here on Earth, belonging to the ‘professional’ caste. But on Overworld he’s Caine, the most feared assassin. He ‘acts’, that is goes for adventures on Overworld from time to time which millions of people on Earth watch live.

Overworld is Earth in an alternate dimension, the rules of physics there are different. There’s magic, with all your usual fantasy creatures thrown in for good measure. Here’s the twist — on Earth Hari is trapped in a totalitarian culture, but on Overworld Caine is free. Until he has to come back that is…

Matt Stover does not pull any punches in this one. Can’t recommend reading this enough; you’re sure to love this if you’re into the likes of Chuck Palahniuk. Plus, Stover’s blog is also worth checking out.

The next book I buy is going to be this one.

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