July 08, 2005

Installing Fedora

I finally got Linux on my box. It was actually quite easy to install:

  • Create a new (unallocated) partition
  • Get Fedora Core 4 CD’s
  • Start setup
  • Select “Automatic partitioning” and then “Use unallocated space” for installing Linux
  • Keep going on…

Bingo, you’re done. The only problem here was I forgot to backup anything before installing, and spent the whole time worrying whether my Windows installation is going to be hammered. Shit always happens when you forget stuff, but I got no problems.

Fedora Core 4 rocks. Gnome looks real cool, is sure beats looking at Windows any day. The hardware detection was great, it installed everything connected to my machine correctly. And I chose the ‘complete’ install — the drive’s full of software I’ve not even heard of. Took a lot of time to install, around two hours. But that’s acceptable considering I got more than 6Gb worth of apps installed.

Linux is a programmer’s wet dream.

A few gripes as usual — Fedora Core 4 does not ship with XMMS or xine, the most popular Linux players. I had to install them myself. Then there is the thing where no video codecs are installed, hell it won’t even play MP3s by default; Red Hat takes being wary of patents related lawsuits to an extreme. Had to install all the software myself.

Another thing was that it didn’t mount my other partitions by default, had to do so myself. Which was a nice learning experience BTW.

I love using yum to install stuff — but I’ll have to get a better speed connection to really enjoy it. My 40kbps does not cut it.

This is the first time I got my net connection working on Linux — and it was really simple. Exatt just has a PPPoE connection that you need to setup, the other ISP’s probably require their custom dialers.

A few sites were a real help for the post-installation stuff:

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