July 23, 2005

Now serving dead trees.

My house was resembling a warehouse for old newspapers but we finally got rid of them today. There was nearly 50Kg worth of paper laying around.

Consider what we get every day:

Most days, the Times’ bundle itself crosses over 120 pages. And it seems that every other day we get a complimentary free copy of Hindustan Times… I imagine when DNA launches, we’ll get that for free too initially. Mumbai is going newspaper crazy I say.

I don’t read newspapers at all; the max I do is try & solve the crossword puzzles. I’m hopeless at that of course. But my folks don’t listen to me when I say that you don’t need so much paper.

Bloglines keeps me on top of things very nicely.


R said...

Heh. Enjoy the windfall while it lasts.

The Unrest Cure said...

Remember this campaign to google bomb the Times of India as the Slimes of India? A friend of mine, who was party to that, recently christened it - 'The Toilet Paper'.

I had to correct him, of course. It's poor quality Toilet Paper. :D