July 02, 2005


Am doing my final year project at NPCIL, which is a ‘sister’ company of BARC (those are terrible designed sites BTW). I for one don’t want to have anything to do with government companies, but these are the good ones. The companies that actually do some work (and very serious work at that).

The project is somewhat interesting—I could not think of anything to do that hasn’t been done before or that’s not out of my league, so I let the company decide. They told us to write an application that monitors one of their networks; which is something related to data streamed from the reactors which I didn’t understand. Its nothing critical (which they mentioned a couple of times themselves), they just don’t have a tool which does this in a convenient manner. Its something challenging as well as simple at the same time, and I have no idea at present how to go about it.

The plus points are numerous—I have to work on Linux which is always great. They want the application to be written in C++; but I did try to convince them on using Python but no use. Nevertheless, I’ve never really programmed for Linux/Unix systems, so this’ll be a nice learning experience. They also want the GUI to be built using Qt, another toolkit which I wanted to learn about anyway.

The group is supposed to practice a little, read books & what not for a couple of months, after which there’ll be four months of coding. Fun.

And this gives me an excuse install Fedora Core 4 on my system…

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