July 05, 2005

Waterfalls are fun

I went for a little trek on Sunday; didn’t post anything as I was dead tired on coming back and slept through most of yesterday. I can tell you this is the most fun I’ve had in as long as I can remember. I love mountains, and I love the rains — life is fun.

I woke up early, and left for the station. We were going to Neral, which is the railway station closest to Matheran. Matheran’s a really famous hill station, but we weren’t going there.

Just walk for a couple of kilometres from Neral and you reach them; the mountains. The last time we were here, it was September and the rains had nearly stopped. We followed a stream and started climbing upwards. This time around, its been raining heavily and all the streams are swollen up. At a glance, you could see tens of waterfalls on the mountainside.

We asked around, and found a path to one of these falls. Getting there is so much fun — you need to keep fording the streams that come in your way. You need to balance yourself on slimy moss-grown boulders if you’re following the stream. Or you can take the faster route; going through the neighbouring mountainside which is as much fun.

We reached the first waterfall around 10:00 hours, I think. It was lovely, I can’t really describe it with words. And I didn’t bring my trusty SLR, so no pics. We sat around there for half an hour, and then went on our way again. We had heard of another waterfall somewhere on the back side of the hill we were on which was more fun, so we tried to find it.

The second one was breathtaking — a narrow stream of water falling down from a nice height with extraordinary force. It carved out a sort of pool in the rocks where it fell, and we could lounge around in that pool. Which we did, for two hours. It’s difficult to explain, but the flow of water was so strong there that you felt like you were floating. You just had to balance your hands on a rock and push off with your feet; it done at the proper place, you’d float on your hands for minutes at a time. Lying there is better than sitting in some jazuzzi, anytime.

One thing to note about water — you get exhausted pretty quickly if you’re not used to swimming or something. Anyway, we started on our way back around afternoon, and going downhill is much faster than going uphill. Came home around 17:00, and was sore throughout the body. It was good fun…

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Girl said...

Sounds like amazing fun. The "fording" part sounded like 'Stand By Me'. I would love to go on such expeditions but I am terribly low on stamina : |