August 27, 2005

Blade of Tyshalle

Blade of Tyshalle cover

Brilliant … absolutely Brilliant!

I felt apprehensive after reading , somewhere in my mind was a nagging doubt that won’t be as good. No such thing. If I could compare books, I’d have no problems putting Blade of Tyshalle at the same level (or over) as Heroes die. But comparisions are passé; each book is different.

It is an epic, and a lot more. I’m not going to say anything about the plot here, anyone interested can look it up. I’ll end up making it sound lame or something, which I don’t dare to.

From the author’s own words:

For me, there is something irresistibly magnetic about a character who finds the strength to keep on fighting in the face of the worst the universe can throw at them, even certain failure, death, destruction on a Biblical scale, whatever; and there is something irresistibly tragic about a character who needs that strength and just can’t find it, so he breaks … and is destroyed by his surrender.

It gets even better when you have a character who breaks and is destroyed, and finds in his destruction the seeds of a new strength that lifts him up so he can rise and fight again …

Being all that, the book somehow resonates with what I feel, who I am. You know, usually when I post about a book over here, I put up some nice quotes that should give people a feel for the real thing. I can’t do that with this book; no part of the story can be taken out of context and remain what it is. What I will quote is a paragraph that stood out from the others; especially because the day I read it I was thinking along similar lines:

The precise point where he has passed from collector to creator was a mystery. Perhaps truly passionate collectors are always artistes manqués: perhaps they chose to buy what they do not have the gifts to create. Perhaps touching the minds of all those countless artists had molded him in some way; perhaps seeing the world through the dream-eyes of artists had given him, over time, some vision of his own.

All said, this is not for the weak-hearted. It’s very graphic at times, but if you can handle it, it’s all good.

Can’t wait for the next book: Caine Black Knife to be out. I’d but it right now if I could.

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