August 03, 2005

A compendium of posts.

Saturday, 30th July:
OK, the obligatory post on the rains in Mumbai.

There’s a long story which I don’t feel like repeating. Suffice to say that I had it better than many, worse than a few. My whole family was at Borivali on the 26th, and we came home Wednesday evening to find out building still flooded with waist-level water. No power supply. No water supply.

The power came back early today morning, still no water (and no net). I’ve not had a proper bath since Tuesday morning, and to be honest I feel slightly sick. When the water supply does start, its going to be filthy & un-drinkable. I almost don’t feel like taking a bath for the next week too.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff that I never thought I’d see…stuff that I don’t want to see again. Men have drowned right in front of my building. I’ve seen the aftermath of landslides on highways. I’ve seen cars turned upside down. I’ve seen monster traffic jams, where you move 10 feet in half-an-hour. I’ve seen thousands of people trying to walk their way home. I’ve seen the telephone lines jammed, the mobile networks going down. People desperate to get in touch with loved ones. I know people whose homes were flooded, with all their possessions either spoilt or washed away.

And frankly (and thankfully) I’ve seen a lot less than many others. I was one of the lucky ones, stuck at a place of safety. I’ve had almost no major difficulties these few days, just a lot of inconvenience.

Life’s slowly going back to normal. This city really never stops, which is one of the reasons I love (and hate) it so.

Monday, 1st August:
Still no net. My local cable guy didn’t have any power till Sunday. And when he did get power, there was no staff present to repair whatever line fault there is. Yesterday the state government issued a warning, people were ‘advised’ to remain indoors. So no one showed up to work there. I can’t reach him today, and considering the amount its rained, there is no hope of me getting net access till tomorrow.

I did try connecting to MTNL via my modem, but the link sucks. I barely connect for a minute and it disconnects. Plus its too slow to load anything anyway.

All schools and colleges are off today, just when I want to go to college. I’m getting sick of staying at home.

The water’s getting a little better, not as dirty as the days before, but still unfit for drinking.

I’m passing my time reading, what else can I do? Got a couple of ideas for a minor programming project, but I want net access for that. And when it finally starts, I’ll have no time to do anything. Just figures.

There are a lot of scared people around here. Mumbai has long escaped any natural calamity, so this one caught everyone unprepared. Today is Monday, but the streets are virtually deserted. Everyone’s playing it safe and staying indoors, even though there is no chance of the same amount of flooding happening today.

Its times like this that my stubbornness comes and bites me in the ass. I’ve systematically cut myself off from other people for a long time, so right now I’m bored and almost lonely. Huh…I do like feeling melancholy.

Later that day:
Still nothing. Played some games, listened to some good music. Watched some movies, but can’t watch much of anything without three people looking over my shoulder.

Things are not that bad, but being stuck at one place for nearly a week gives me the creeps. Even if that place is home.

Tuesday, 2nd August:
No connectivity yet. Slept for most of the day, than did the usual. These last few days are the first time in my life I’ve jumped at the chance of doing some shopping for the home — anything to get me out.

Plus I’ve got a mind-splitting headache. Doesn’t help with my temperament at all.

Wednesday, 3rd August:
Posting from college. Oh, glorious net connectivity.


rookie_journo said...

I feel guily...

I did not suffer at all
Reached home on time( My office is 10min drive from my house)

We did not have elec. problems (MSEB)

We had intermittent Cable Connections(Hathway)

My Cell was not jammed (RIM)

We almost had regular water supply (TMC)

SORRY MUMBAI (we were better off as BOMBAY)

Ankit said...

Hey, no need to feel guilty. I have friends who're still facing a lot, but I don't feel guilty about it...