August 04, 2005 link stats

I got bored, so decided to be pedantic. Some stats on my account:

  • Total number of links posted: 462
  • Number of days the account’s been active: 299
  • Number of tags used: 316

I could come up with all sorts of weird stats like number of tags per link, but that’d be of no use. Instead, below are the graphics (Sparklines to be precise) that represent how often I add links. At least they look good:

Daily link posting frequency:
Daily freq
Two Day moving average:
2 day moving average
Five Day moving average:
5 day moving average

I got the data from a small Python script I wrote using the api; and generated the images by using a slight modification of the Bitworking Sparkline Generator script. Its basically the same script, I just customized the colours and changed a couple of lines here and there, mainly to feel like I did do something.

Watch out for more stats when I get bored next ;)

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