August 23, 2005

Ordered some more books

I could not resist. Actually this is my first ‘proper’ purchase online — Strand does not count. Bought them off Sify; the site’s cheap enough and with a decent catalogue. Amazon will of course kill me on delivery charges to India.

The books:

I’ve read Heroes Die, but don’t have a copy of my own. Hence the spending… Can’t really stop reading the series, Blade of Tyshalle is the next book in the Caine triology.

After reading Island of the Day Before, again I need to read more work by Umberto Eco. It was either this or The Name of the Rose

I’m aware that Closing Time is not said to be great; but I can’t not read the sequel to Catch-22 now. And I wasn’t planning to buy Walden, but I was getting it for a hundred bucks and I said what the hell…

These are books (except Walden) that I’ve searched for offline, and have no hope of ever getting. Not bad for around a thousand bucks total.

Update: At the end of this semester, I’ll go around to the New and Secondhand Bookshop (thanks Uma).

Another update: August 23, 18:20… I know; updates should also be time-stamped. Gotta find a better way to do that.

Back to the point; four of these books were already delivered today morning! Man, that’s fast. Heroes Die will take a month to ship, it did say 30-45 days on the site.

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