August 09, 2005


I’ve got a job, quite a relief. Its one less thing to worry about now, you know. The company’s Capgemini India, about which I had not heard of till last week. But I checked it out, it’s solid. A good company, multi-national to boot—I could get a free out-of-India visit if I’m lucky.

The pay scale is around deleted!, nothing too fancy but good enough. The company gave me a good feeling from the start—right from the presentation onwards I knew I’d be working here. It’s a great feeling—knowing what you want to do next, then getting it done.

The miracle was clearing the aptitude test, my prodigious guessing skills really helped me here. Plus the fact that there was no negative marking, so I could guess without fear. Next were the interviews—all of them by HR people. I was slightly nervous initially, I’d never been interviewed before you know. But waiting for almost four hours for my turn to come calmed me down—I spent it reading ‘Of Human Bondage’.

I would never have guessed that interviews would be so much fun. I had decided to be frank when it comes to any subject, its easier. There were four people conducting the interview—and the first thing they asked me was to describe myself. ‘Who is Ankit Solanki?’ as it was put. I guess whatever I said must have worked, they all seemed pleased with it, and I got selected…

I did many things in the interview that would generally not be considered ‘good’, I told them I have no plan in life. I have no idea where I’ll be a few years down the line. I told them about my blog (gasps!), told them I’m perpetually figuring out stuff in my life. I told them I had not come prepared for the interview. Lots of stuff like this, I was going on instinct here, which turned out to be right.

I’m never this open with people, and this was a nice change. And of course, it was fun.

All in all, 17 people from my college got placed here, a huge scoop. The company’s going through a massive expansions—another reason I was almost sure I’d get a job. Now all I have to do is maintain the 60% aggregate score for the next two semesters…

Update: OMG, this is hilarious. I called my grandfather this morning to tell him the news. He’s slightly deaf, so I hollered as best I could on the phone. The guy seemed pleased with the news, so I left it at that. But I guess he must have misunderstood what I told him—he later told my uncle in a worried tone that I had got engaged to some girl yesterday, who stays in the U.S. and earns Rs. 225k. And he was wondering why the hell I made such a sudden decision.

LOL, can’t stop laughing.


Girl said...

Way to go on the job! Checked the site out, seems really promising. And it's good that they conducted the interview the way they did. Says a lot about them, I suppose.

And HAHAHA@ your misadventure with the U.S. girl. Really, now! Hehe.

Ankit said...

It really does seem promising...the comapny's presentation was great :)

And that story has already become a family legend. I don't think anyone's gonna forget this incident soon.

Ankur said...

congrats dude ...
et me tell u I see CapGemini every morning in bangalore frm my hostel room window in bangalore ... as far as I know it's a consultacy outfit with 300 employees in bangalore ...
whatever ... way to go .. congrats

Ankit said...

Thanks :)

It does do consultancy...Capgemini acquired Ernst & Young Consulting in May 2000.

The presentation said that consultancy formed only 19% of its total business, the rest is divided between outsourcing, application development, et al.

It has offices in Mumbai & Bangalore -- but most of the work is done in Mumbai. Could be the consultancy department's located there, I have no idea.