September 03, 2005

Common tech annoyances

This could have been a lot longer, but I cut the post off halfway through writing it. I kinda realized that I’d never stop otherwise. Here it goes:

Stealth Installs.
I hate automatic updates that are performed in the background. Nobody gets a say in what I’m using on my PC.

A few days ago Google updated Google Talk from version to silently. It downloaded the update as I tried to connect, and installed it behind my back. No confirmation, no change log. There’s not even a notice of the change on their site.

When things like this happen, I begin to get suspicious. Especially when they conflict with the said company’s corporate principles.

I repeat: do not ever install something without notifying the user.

DRM is evil. Don’t need to say a lot on this subject, others have written at length. Enough said.

There is no such thing as ‘good’ DRM. Just an example of how crazy things are: I hear Windows Vista will not play hi-def videos for you unless you buy some special-DRM-happy-best-thing-in-the-world monitors.

Related to DRM is Trusted Computing [sic]. More evil.

Hiding links, stopping direct links, et cetera.
This is just too annoying. Content on the web is meant to be linked to.

Embedding links, using Javascript to hide link locations, et al will just annoy your site’s visitors. First of all stopping links will render people unable to bookmark your stuff; so no sharing for you.

I hate having to jump through hoops just in order to watch some damn movie’s trailer.

I’m paying for your software, stop with the ads already
It’s infuriating when software keeps promoting itself when you are using.

Hey Sify guys, if you’re listening: why the hell do you need to show the Sify homepage each time a user logs in, when the user is already using Sify?

There are too many offenders to list here. I guess this has something to do with marketing and such, and probably makes sense ‘economically’; but people, show some dignity, won’t you?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Girl said...

Hey. I see the spam has arrived at your blog too. Go to Settings, Comments and enable "word verification".

Ankit said...

Done. But I was kinda hoping to get by without it :(

Ranjani said...

I Hate it when websites don't allow you to link. Outlook India is one such offender. I cannot understad why anybody would do that. Its almost like they don't want free publicity.

AND yEAH, Sify needs to learn new lessons on marketing.

whatever, you do abt spam, don't disable anon comments. too much of work otherwise.

Ankit said...

No way I'm going to disable anonymous comments. Forcing people to register just to post a comment is overkill.

Girl said...

Well, once blogger takes care of this spam business, you can revert to the original status, etc.