September 08, 2005

Immersive realities.

If you can get along with people, you don’t need a lot. Being friendly at first glance with someone is a gift; half of your work in this world is done once people start liking you. The problem is that most people don’t really get along with others. I’m one of those.

People live their lives alone—even the popular guys. You only live your life through your point of view, and can only guess at what others are feeling. Sometimes you feel so different from those around you that you haven’t even got a clue about what’s going on.

I’m attached to fictional universes: any world which is a setting of a good work of fiction. You see, when you are in some fictional reality, you get to be other people. You can see from some other point of view, feel what someone else feels; the fact that it is a work of fiction doesn’t matter of course.

I believe that fiction is the best tool we have to aid us in understanding others. I can’t really trust anyone who does not like fiction—it’s like we’ll forever be on different frequencies or something.

More than that, immersive realities are a great tool for when you want to understand yourself. You see, at least for someone like me, understanding even my own actions is difficult. But I can gauge my reactions against some character’s life in some distant universe, and know myself a little better.

Hell, sometimes I even think of myself from a third-person point of view just for the kicks of it.

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