September 08, 2005

Intellectual Exhibitionism

Blogging, v.
(1) Intellectual exhibitionism doing the rounds.
(2) An open confessional.
(3) Anything else you want it to be.

We all do it. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me your’s first… It’s irresistible to show the world what you think; blogging is the easiest way I could find.

It’s a huge rush when people not only agree, but sometimes mirror what you think. It’s a different kind of rush when people don’t agree with you, but care enough to point out why.

For me, blogging has become my huge I-was-there monolith; something to show for these months I’ve scraped through life. Plus most of the times I haven’t got the slightest idea what I’m doing—or why—but putting it down in words helps.

A few of my posts never made it through the text-file stage. Some I scrapped at the last moment possible, just before hitting publish. A few great ones played through my head, perfect in themselves, but I never could re-create them by the time I got around typing them. Some posts sit around for weeks; with me adding stuff here, removing some there, till finally they get dazed and confused enough for me to kill them.

That makes it sound like I’m meticulous about my posting regimen. I’m not. I just choke at the hard parts… I have no idea how I’m faring so far; I don’t read my archives. Someday I will. Someday I’ll probably stop blogging as well, but that day’s far far away.

I do have a lot of stuff I want to write about; stuff that I can’t remember when it’s time to write. I still bemoan the fact that I’ve not written any fiction so far, and I seem to have a block the prevents me from doing so. I’m not thrilled with my writing style (the days I have one that is). And I feel that it has been a fun ride so far…no point in stopping just when the fun’s beginning.

What I should not do is blog any more on blogging, but hey my net connection has been down for the last two days and I’m feeling slightly down about it all. A pat on the back helps in cheering oneself up.

And some brownie points to anyone who finds the one movie reference I’ve made in this one.


akshay said...

Hey there,
After reading your last two posts i think you need a break dude ... !! I knw the intensity of frustration that one has when there is no net connectivity for two days ... but its oki ... stop posting for two Days :D

Ranjani said...

My comp has been down for the last so many days that i've lost count. My hard disk is gettign replaced.
After the initial frustration, I've become numb to it, almost pretending like I dont haev a computer.

Actually, Ive had a lot of time to do other stuff, you know.

So take Akshay's advice.