September 17, 2005


OK, time to empty my brain a little. I’ve been uncharacteristically lazy recently: usually I’m just a little lazy but I get the job done in the end. Not so much now.

I’m wading through a swarm of assignments that I can’t get started. The project’s languishing. I haven’t even posted in a while. Worst of all, I’m reading less than usual. There’s a lot going on, while I try to appear interested.

OK, starting with philosophy. I’ve decided what my Life Philosophy is to be, which I deduced a posteriori. Note the use of capitals to show importance.

He goes: Do what you want; but when you don’t have a clue about your desires, look at what others around you are doing and do the exact opposite of that; unless that’s too hard, in which case do what everyone else is doing.

I happen to think that’s simple and elegant.

I’ve read 1.5 philosophically inclined books recently. First was Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which I really liked most parts of. But I could not stomach Thoreau’s Walden. Don’t know why, the book bored me to death … probably because I had such high expectations. I wasn’t able to continue reading past the half-way point.

OK, enough philosophical ramblings. I’ll scare people away.

Hey, did I mention that I have a mile of assignments backlogged? Never really outta my head, that.

Thing’s I’ve signed-up to receive updates for:

Foucault’s Pendulum is mind blowing! I’m ~70% done. It’s a book to be read slowly, trying to decipher each and every phrase. Best to keep a thesaurus handy, but as my only thesaurus-esqe tool is Wordnet, and as I read most of it at college, I’m trying to manage without it.

I was looking over Sify’s book catalogue, one of my ways of passing time, and I came across this a book for Rs. 0.86 only. Heh, if the price is not been updated by the time I next shop there, I’ll order it just for the kicks.

I can’t stop drooling over the iPod Nano. Check out a TV ad if you’re not convinced this is the hottest-thing-ever.

I’ve come to realize that I’m as completely self-centred as can be possible. And I just remembered something I told a friend yesterday while chatting:

i consider myself the ‘limit’ of sanity
anyone crazier than me is really crazy

Heh, don’t all of you?

Before I forget, I hate MSN Messenger. Fucking software makes me feel impotent: can’t get it to sign-on. Yesterday it did allow me to login, which was a miracle. I’ve tried everything: un-installing & re-installing, updating, checking firewall rules, stopping the firewall, chanting spells, dancing naked in the rain … everything.

OK, will someone tell me if there is a correct way to use ellipses & em-dashes? I’ve pretty much figured out that you don’t place any space on either side of an dash—like I’m doing now—see? But ellipses confuses the hell outta me. To follow the same rule…or to insert some gratuitous space … that is the question.

I realize that is is the most banal thing I’ve put up on this blog yet, but I can’t help being a geek at whatever strikes my fancy. Recently it’s been punctuation, for Bob knows what reason.

Bored now, so stopping this post. Ciao.

Update: Can’t figure out what this site is. Seems like a weird aggregator (?) of sorts, but could not find an about section on the site.


Girl said...

Ellipses: You do need a space after the ellipses, unless you are using it in direct speech. For example:

She sighed, "I could ramble on..."

And no full stop after the ellipses. But it's best not to use ellipses too much, unless in direct speech or such. It is often reflective of shoddy, directionless writing.

Em dashes: I don't have em dashes on my computer, so I use "--" instead. Em dashes do the job of parantheses and commas, and often enclose an extra information that comes in the middle of a sentence, that the sentence can stand without, on its own. On most ocassions, you should have an opening and closing em dash. And no, you don't need to have a space before and after the dashes. At least, I don't think American publishers follow that style.

Hope that helped. Now back to reading your post.

Ankit said...


Ankit said...

If your editor/formatter does not support any special characters, you can use the Windows Alt-key codes, it's just some more work.

Alt+0133 for Ellipses
Alt+0151 for Em dash

Anonymous said...

I thought you wrote — 15 philosophy books. heh.

me reading the zen book too. thnk I'll like it. Ranjani