September 11, 2005

Shows that should be aired here

FireflyBattlestar GalacticaVeronica Mars

I watch a lot of TV. In fact there is not a single show that airs over here that I’ve not seen one episode of—but of course I only continue to watch the good ones.

Shows are different from movies, you get a more relaxed rate of enjoyment if that makes any sense. And the really good shows satisfy you in ways no movie ever could. Unfortunately for me, the fact is that in India most of the shows on TV are old. We’re often at least a couple of seasons behind, many times the show has been taken off the air in the States before we get to see it. I can’t understand why in today’s age, where people can download whatever they want to see as it airs, that the channels continue to delay launching their shows over here. Guys, the globe is supposed to be connected now, if you hear all the marketing speak.

Here are some shows I’d love to see on TV. Any channel executives who came here by mistake can take note.

Well, it’s no surprise that I start off with Firefly. Only 10 episodes aired there, and the DVD has only 14. And I don’t care how they air it over here, could be done as a promotion to the movie or something.

What’s not to like: Whedon, space westerns, great characters, humour, action, et cetera. More people should get to see this gem of a show.

Another show I’d love to see on TV is Battlestar Galactica. The concept itself if great to hear about: read this great article from the NY Times site. Anything more I add will just lower it; that article’s perfect.

These two shows go against the tradition of all those SciFi shows you’ve seen so far, to great effect.

Then there’s Veronica Mars. I gotta admit that the show sounds like it’ll be great to watch. A young girl working as a part-time detective for her dad, at times when shit is piling up all around. This show has some hope of being aired—they can sure market it well.

I usually keep my ear out for any stuff I know I’m gonna like, and I’ve heard a lot of good about this show. So I did what I usually do when I want to check out a show—read the (tran)script of the pilot episode online. Colour me impressed, the show rocks! Now I could be bad and download the episodes and watch it; but you try downloading 7Gb of data on s terrible 40kbps line and tell me how you like it. So I’m just hoping gets aired.

Last of course, I can bitch for all the shows that are currently on TV, not going anywhere. These channels just keep showing the same season again & again, much to my frustration. I have, for example, watched every episode of the first season of Six Feet Under at least three times on TV, but can’t get to watch the second season. There are off-beat shows like Carnivàle: HBO only aired the first season and conveniently seems to have forgotten to continue it.

Too much to write on this front, but you get the point.

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