October 12, 2005

Blog subscriptions

You may notice that I used to keep a list of blogs I visit in the sidebar. The list’s pathetically puny: I use my Bloglines account of read stuff. I just added a few blogs there, ’coz I didn’t want to have a mammoth list like many other blogs out there have.

But maintaining it has been no fun at all. When someone links me, do I link them as well? How do I decide which blogs to add there? I wanted to limit myself to 5-6 items there, so I just let the list stagnate as it was for a long time.

I’ve given up on that now. Instead, I keep a list of my ‘public’ Bloglines subscriptions for you to check out. You can even get ’em in OPML form if that’s your drug.


Derik said...

I just use a random sampling from my OPML file for my sidebar.

Ankit said...

Unfortunately I can't do much of anything on Blogger.