October 15, 2005


The gauntlet had been thrown :P

This is my first work of fiction… hopefully it does not suck too much.

“The 63 year old communist wears green striped socks when visiting oil rigs off the coast of Darjeeling.” That is how it started. That was the first strange thing he said. What followed is the stuff of legend of course.

He was just a kid—the anti-prophet. No one knows why or when exactly he started saying un-truths. Pretty soon he didn’t say anything else. Friends and relatives were worried, and they sought help. Which didn’t help.

Don’t know who first noticed it, but soon the everyone at the hospital knew about him. Nothing he said ever was true—nothing. Then the pilgrimages began…

People from all over started asking him to say that they’d be miserable their whole lives or something like that. That never worked, but by then it didn’t matter. Scientists and such sad folk kept telling people that this just because something is false, everything else does not become true by default. Then the psychologists started expounding on the ideas of mass hypnosis, and how we’re all just lemmings after all. And then the philosophers started trying to devise a systematic way to generate such falsehoods, as philosophers are wont to do.

But no one listens to such serious minded talk now—it’s so proletarian. The kid’s old now, and still the people come.

I went to meet him yesterday—had to pass through more security than the current Bob-head of India has. Told him—don’t know why, he never listens to people—that I was going to write about him.

He said, “Fish fly through freezing pools of lava dancing to the beat of your eye-lashes.”

Don’t know what people are so crazy about…


Ranjani said...

And so the journey begins, congratulations on your first work of fiction. it can only get better.

Ankit said...


The Unrest Cure said...

Bravo! Bravo!


Sunil Natraj said...

good start re.

keep it up buddy.

Girl said...

LOL! Awesome.