October 17, 2005

General tech phobia

The craziness just keeps going on. Just read an article over at CNN that said the our President, the great Abdul Kalam, “expressed concern” about Google Earth. Seems that governments the world over are scared shitless that terrorists are gonna use Google Earth to blow up the world or something.

Nonsense from the article:

“developing countries, which are already in danger of terrorist attacks, have been singularly chosen” and “Kalam, a scientist who guided India’s missile program before becoming president, called for new laws to restrain dissemination of such material.”

This is from a guy that supports Open Source for Bob’s sake! I can’t really put down where this asinine behaviour of every bureaucratic organization stems from.

Wake up you morons. This is the information age. If terrorists want to blow up your parliament house, they will find out where to go. It’s not like the place is in a top-secret zone that no one knows about.

People can use offline maps. People can just ask where the parliament is located. People can just buy off even higher resolution images from some offshore company. People can get intel from other your not-so-friendly neighbours. If they want it, they’ll have it.

Some restrictions are useful of course. But let’s not go overboard and all perform in a Security theatre because you’re afraid of the bogeyman. (Note to self: actually read something that Schneider has written.)

When the hell is all the stupidity gonna stop? Just an estimate would be much appreciated.

Here’s a quote from the Slashdot discussion on this story—which really scares me for some reason.

“As an American I’m comforted by this reminder that most politicians are morons, and that George Bush is not that special.”


Chez said...

LOL.. Love ur argument.

May be we shud verify the veracity of that news. Cos, leaving out this news, if Kalam really feels it has to do with security, someway, may be it would. We shud ask him though, whats his point.

Ankit said...

The whole point is that most measures designed to increase security by blocking technology instead just create an atmosphere where people using tech for genuine reasons are the most harmed.

Imagine geography classes where you actually could see what was being taught. I would really have listened then.

Sunil Natraj said...

Personally, I am not a fan of Google earth showing the pics of BARC. I stay barely 15 mins away, and the thought of a nuclear reactor going off is not too appetising.

Besides, why should only Indian sites be shown? America has area 51 screened. Let it be uniform.