October 09, 2005

Google Reader

Google Reader screenshot

It’s disappointing to say the least. Google Reader it seems tries to mimic Gmail’s interface, which won’t work in a feed reader anyway, and does so badly.

I’m a fan of Bloglinesriver-of-news format—you get all your new items one after other in a big-damn-page. I don’t like reading each item individually—when I do wanna do that, I just open the perma-link in a new tab and read it there. This is another reason I’m not sure I’ll like Feedlounge much…

Google Reader’s AJAXy interface is nice, but not to my taste. And it seems somehow incomplete.

Google’s recent releases had me confused for some time. Now I realize that there’s plan to them, and there is no plan. Looks like most of their new releases are private projects of Google employees that Google though were good enough to be public or something. Time will tell whether this strategy of doing everything is gonna work out.

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Ankur said...

love bloglines too