October 09, 2005

Some movie reviews

Seen some movies in the last few days I’d like to speak about.

Elephant is ’s take on violence in American high-schools. Pretty gritty to watch, not for the faint-hearted.

My first thought while watching the movie was: wtf are those teens so depressed about? I’d kill to be in a school like that. That place was a palace! I mean how depressed can you get over photography… You should send them over to some Indian school and see how they like it.

Of course, I got over that. You’re never satisfied with what you have. I never am.

Next up I checked out Napoleon Dynamite. Deservedly a cult classic—I thought it was hilarious. Please don’t take this movie too seriously though. Whatever you do, don’t miss the dance scene at the end. Trust me, that is gonna stick in your head for a long time.

Another thing I like is how your main characters here aren’t really ‘well-adjusted’. They aren’t like the other ‘normal’ kids; beats me what they are like. Damn, I’m beginning to analyze. Must stop doing that.

Other than that, I did see Matrix Revolutions again recently, courtesy HBO. I have a love-hate relationship with the triology. Loved the first movie, went crazy after checking out the second one. Spent six months wildly speculating what was gonna happen before watching the third—and came out shell shocked after watching it. For months I was in denial: I thought the movie sucked big time but couldn’t bring myself to admitting that.

Finally after watching it again now, I can say that that the movie’s not that bad actually. It just didn’t live up to my expectations—huge. I doubt anything would have.

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