November 12, 2005

Books I want.

Note: Not the obvious ones.

I want the but it’s too damn expensive. Strand has it at Rs. 525, and I’m already broke as it is. I hear it’s the oldest written ‘heroic fantasy’ … so can’t really resist it.

I want and by Matt Stover. I want every book written by him, but don’t think there’s a single copy of either of these books in the whole of India. Amazon also does not have ’em in stock, which is a tragedy. I could not pay for the shipping costs to India anyway.

I want to read some decent editions of all the ancient Indian myths—from the to the to even the and all that. I’ve got the inkling that these could well be some of the best fantasy works I’ll ever read. I can’t really find ‘literary’ version of ’em; plus I don’t want to be seen as a religious zealot by anyone—people might start taking what I say seriously then! I tell ya, Indian myth and religion are hopelessly mixed up. Maybe these are for when I’m a little more ‘secure’…

I want to check out some cool comic books ahem graphic novels, but haven’t seen any of them in Mumbai so far. Any suggestions?

Plus there are a whole lot more. I’ll just name the authors, you go look them up. I can’t be doing all the work around here: George RR Martin, China Miéville, Gene Wolfe, Charles Bukowski, Bertrand Russell, and so on.

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