November 10, 2005

Comic strips

I’ve discovered some comic strips online—now I don’t just read Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes.

Frazz is my new love. I caught up with it when I heard that the character of Frazz is considered to be grown-up version of Calvin, and some people have a theory that Bill Watterson is actually drawing the strip! Not true of course, but it made me check out the strip anyway. Anyone who’s not read this, and I’m especially talking about Calvin & Hobbes buffs, is missing out on a lot. Nothing can compare to Watterson’s strip of course, but so far this one comes close.

Speaking of which, Sify has the complete Calvin & Hobbes at a measly price of Rs. 5523. Will this year never end? I want to start the job today.

And speaking of Dilbert, Scott Adams’ new blog rocks! Best non-tech blog ever. The man somehow reminds me of Douglas Adams, and it’s all good.

Back to comic strips. There was a recent thread of Metafilter on online comics—wherein I discovered Achewood and The Perry Bible Fellowship. Both good strips to enjoy, though I’ve not read enough of ‘em to really give you the details. Check ‘em out and see for yourself.

The only decent way to read all this is through RSS feeds of course. Check out the ‘comics’ folder of my Bloglines subscriptions.

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