November 21, 2005

Three new shows to check out

Arrested Development

I know that I’m late on the bandwagon, but I love . Star World just started airing the show a couple of months ago; and ’coz my life’s so good, the moment I start liking the show I hear that Fox has cancelled it in its third season. Worst channel ever.

If you’ve seen the ads for Arrested Development on TV, you’ve probably thought that the show would suck. I know I did. I’ve got Sunil to thank for continuously bugging me ’bout how great the show is.

You’ve got to check this show out. Those with good net connections just download a couple of episodes and see. You’ve got my guarantee that you’ll love it.


Then there’s . The ads tell that it’s “A Beautiful Mind meets CSI”, which is exactly what it is. I’ve just seen the first couple of episodes, but so far it’s worth watching. I can almost tell that it’s gonna get repetitive soon, but am hoping that I’ll be wrong.

You have a mathematician using equations and such to help his brother (in the FBI) solve crimes. I know, it sounds weird. But watching it is fun, and it gives me hope for my math skillz [sic]. I’ve always wanted to like math, and to a certain extent I do like it; but the way I’ve been taught to use it makes me pathologically averse to it.

Go watch it if it’s your cup of tea.

Life As We Know It

Which brings me to . Always save the hardest for last. It’s the most clichéd show you’ll see that manages to be as original as can be.

I’ve almost given up trying to explain the stuff I like, so I’ll just give the IMDb tagline for the show here: “A show about sex, school, and growing up (not necessarily in that order).”

Once again, you’ll never guess how good the show is if you watch it’s ads. In fact, the ads almost generate a negative impression about the show. If you’ve seen them, then try to forget ’bout ’em and just watch the show with fresh eyes. Marketing people suck big time, they haven’t a clue about how to advertise something this good.

OK, if you just check out one of these shows I’m pimping here, then go with the last one. Just because Arrested Development runs till three seasons while this’ll be your only chance to watch Life As We Know It.

On a related note, I’ve almost begun my studies. Exams start on the 29th, and I studied for a whole 10 minutes yesterday! (This is progress, seriously.)


Chez said...

Numb3rs is a nice one. Every episode interesting, but he comes up with very complex equations which i wonder if they are real, or jus made up for the serial. if its just bogus, that no point in puttin up a serial saying u can solve cases using equations. I agree that mathmatical concepts are ok to understand the cases, but wud solvin the cases using a eqn plausible??

Ankit said...

Sure, everything could be quantified in equations, but I surely won't understand it. Shows like Numb3rs just make the math seem simple, just like CSI makes science look like child's play...

Certainly not plausible, but it's possible...