December 28, 2005

I’ve reddit.

Reddit is my new favourite source of linksnews. Seems easier to keep track of new stuff via reddit compared to a lot of other sites I’ve used. popular was useful for a while, but not so much now. I still keep visiting over there, but not as compulsively as before.

Both sites serve different purposes to me. Delicious is a way to keep track of links I like, and to discover new pages—but only when I’m searching for something in particular. But mainly to store and manage my personal hoard of links.

Reddit helps me stay up-to-date on current going-ons; and the links that show up on the home page are surprisingly suited to my taste. It has a simple system for moderation, just tell it whether you like an item or don’t. Whatever people like turns up on the front page, and anything dumb is modded down to oblivion.

Also, there’s a recommendations engine that works on-and-off. As you keep voting for stories, you’re training a filter, which gives you personalized news. Have found a lot of good stuff in the last few days via reddit, hence the evangelism.


Girl said...

Some fantastic links there, at the reddit site.

kn0thing said...

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, thanks Ankit.