December 15, 2005

Over for now.

The 7th semester’s officially ended. Only one more to go, and then it’s time to see whether spending all this money on engineering was of any use.

Today’s last exam was terrible. I just hope that I reach 40 (the passing marks) somehow, but really am not to optimistic this time. The paper was quite easy really, I just didn’t do well.

I’ve been sick for the last three days. It started with a minor throat infection and today it’s a full-blown attack on my body by those damn germs. I’m dead-tired after taking some antibiotics, and I’ve got a head-ache that makes me want to scream. It’s like thousands of tiny screw-drivers are slowing turning my brain to mush. It’s not painful, nothing can be really painful after you’ve been to the dentist a few times. No, it’s persistent, that’s what it is.

From the moment I’ve woken up today till right at this moment, it’s been the same. The same pain at the same places. You just can’t ignore it.

I can’t think straight when confronted with stuff like this. I barely wrote 60-70 marks worth in the exam, and that too not too well. The cat’s out of the bag, nothing more I can do now.

What my down-turn of health does affect right now is my enjoyment of time alone. I’m home-alone till the 20th at least, but if I get worse I don’t know how I’ll cope. I was supposed to go to Strand and pick up some books. Will go tomorrow if I feel up to it.


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Ranjani said...

So the Flu is still around! Get well.

Ankit said...

Feeling much better today!