December 09, 2005

A short intermission

Four exams done with, only one to go. My next subject’s Mobile Computing—and I can’t think of any other subject that’s made an interesting topic as dull as one has. Seems I’ll just clear all the papers I’ve given so far (hopefully); there’s nothing more I can do now about it anyway.

I’ve got a 6-day break before the exam; so it’s four days of fun at least. A sort of mini-break, just before the ‘actual’ break. These are going to be some of the last times I’ll be relatively careless, so I’m planning to spend all these days in a sort of lazy squalor. Ya, that’s the plan.

And to top it all of, my folks are going for a 5-day trip out-of-Mumbai to some religious-place-I-forget-the-name-of, just as I finish my exams. Alone time! The best kind of time there is.


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