December 12, 2005

Starting off this round.

You know, I should stop all my book-related postings. No one’s interested in hearing about each and every book I buy. But it seems that I just can’t stop talking about my books.

OK, so a couple of months ago I ordered some books off Shopping online is a sort of mixed experience; you really get to choose what you buy. Put me in a real book shop and I just freeze looking at all the books I’ve not heard about. Online I can select exactly what I want.

On the other hand, buying stuff online can be a pain, especially if you don’t have a credit card. I should get one soon, the nice folks at HDFC keep bugging me with a call every week telling me I’ve been pre-approved for some super-duper gold/silver/platinum card. No amount of my swearing at them seems to make ’em stop.

Plus there’s the small thing about books you buy not being in stock—really annoying. And customer service is an oxymoron.

Enough small talk, lets get to the details. I ordered the following (linking to the Amazon page where I can find a link to the exact book):

I got the first four books today; the fifth is “Unavailable in primary warehouse, being procured from secondary warehouse”; which is their way of saying that they can’t find the damn book. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this book, and by god I’m gonna get my hands on it some way or another!

The experience of shopping at was almost the same as shopping at Sify. I’m just gonna buy from where the books are cheaper, and Sify seems to be slightly cheaper at present. Also, I get to use their nifty tie-in with HDFC in order to make payments directly online, instead of sending a cheque which is too much work.


The Unrest Cure said...

This is to inform you that one person (this one) is interested in hearing about your book purchases.

And don't get me started on Sify. I've even written a tutorial on how to deal with them.

Ankit said...

Me wants that tutorial!

Girl said...

I love your book talk.

About Sify: two months ago, I ordered Michael Chabon's The Wonder Boys (oh yes, forgot to put it down as a recommendation! I posted a list as a comment to the previous post), and they mail me last week telling me that it is out of stock.


The Unrest Cure said...

So you've both been Sify'd.

*smug grin after coining a new term*

Ankit said...

LOL @ being Sify'd.

Seriously though, what is a bibliophile to do? None of the Indian sites seem that reliable for rare books, and it takes too much money to get books shipped from out-of-India. Last I checked, Amazon charged U.S.$ 7 per book delivered.