January 24, 2006

Likes & Dislikes

I can only guess of course: most people have it made—they either like something or they don’t. BOCTAOE.

I, for one, like torturing myself over my choices. I think about whether I like something because it’s good, or due to the fact that other people liked it and recommended it to me. Then I start getting all paranoid about my choices, and decide to dislike something arbitrarily just ’coz it’s generally well liked. That’s my way of holding myself separate from the herd, being an individual.

Then I start agonising about my dislikes. Do I hate something ’coz it just sucks, or am I being daft and missing out on something good because I can’t get myself to like what others like? This goes on and on, till my head starts hurting and I stop thinking.

I’m crazy. Analysing yourself is not recommended: you’ll never get yourself to stop. The problem is that I don’t trust my choices enough: in hindsight, I know there’s a lot of stuff I missed out on due to some really stupid decisions. Life’s no fun if you’re right all the time, but that never stops me from trying to get it right.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i must be the last person u must expected to hv been visiting this site....
after reading ur thoughts and preferences i hv realised tht we both quite alike in many ways than one.. just tht u hv a flair for computers ad obviously the marks.... i am just the opposite and i put action to most of m thoughts.....
great blog tht u hv got..... feel like reading m thoughts.....
lage raho bhanti!!!!
likes and disalikes!!!!!

--the devil