February 25, 2006

Read my mind.

I just love auto-complete. Software is much more fun when it sort-of reads your mind.

I don’t want software to just keep a history of my past usage. I want it to actually suggest something based on it. And do it un-obtrusively.

I don’t want to browse through a huge list of items, or enter a search term exactly before getting to see the result. Incremental search is nothing new—VIM had it since 2001. Emacs even before that.

And for goodness sake, tell me I’ve made a mistake in entering data as soon as I’ve made it. Before I submit it. Do-overs suck.

Computers are fast—they should work for us people. Not turn us into glorified data-entry operators.



humbl devil said...

we'll need a.i. for that, don't you think???
there are so many permutations and combinations to what we type that getting it all right without an effort is just not possible for todays pcs...

Sunil Natraj said...

I just read your mind. And it tells me that you think our project can be completed easily. :P