March 29, 2006


No more writing of them engineering assignments for me!

March 25, 2006

Hectic times ahead

Only a few days of my last semester of college are left. Then it’s college exams, submitting the damn journals, demo-ing the damn project and the board oral exams. Which all will take till the end of April. Then it’s almost a month’s break before the board exams. After which I’m home free.

You’d think I’d start being nostalgic about this time, right? To be honest, I neither have the time or the inclination to be anything but frustrated at college. In hindsight, engineering is just not worth it. I should have gone for a pure-science degree: haven’t learned anything new about computers here.

Here’s a piece of advice: don’t expect to learn what you want at college. If like me you want to become a programmer, learn to program yourself. Study math/physics/economics/literature et cetera—any field you have the slightest interest in and which is really useful in life. Seriously.

March 22, 2006


Best line I’ve heard recently:

“Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.”


March 17, 2006

Reading *On the Road*

I’ve been reading the book on-and-off for a month, and am barely half-way though it. Love it, but it’s a most exhausting book. The energy!

Reading it is like getting repeatedly hit on the head with a hammer. Sentences are paragraphs, paragraphs that are pages long. I’ve not seen anything like this.

It’s a lotta fun to read, but I can’t do my usual page-a-minute trick. Think I’ll be able to finish it by April-end.

March 15, 2006


Six-minute movie. Brilliant. Must-see. Haunting. Psychedelic. Human. Wow. Depressing. Dystopian. On happiness and innocence. On loss. With great music too.

OK, enough raving. Go see it already.

In defence of sloth.

From WordNet:
sloth, slothfulness — a disinclination to work or exert yourself
sloth, laziness, acedia — apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)

I like the first definition: defines my behaviour perfectly. Hate the second.

Virtue is one of those sticky things that defies definition except as an abstraction. Again from WordNet:
virtue, virtuousness, moral excellence — the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong

I don’t believe that showing a ‘disinclination to work’ is wrong—just the opposite in point of fact. But I guess I’ll never be able to convince people otherwise. It all cones down to who decides what is right and what is wrong in your eyes. I make the decision myself: based on convenience or on my beliefs. Many let others choose for them.

I get a lot of crap from a lot of people due to my continual putting off of work. Due to often deliberately under-achieving (I’ll explain later, if I get around to it). None of it matters as I don’t give a damn.


March 12, 2006

Misc stuff combined.

After twenty days of idleness, I would have thought going back to college would be fun. Three days on, I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

I’ve come to realize that programming is only fun when I’m actually into doing it. For my own sake. Finishing a project that I have no interest in is gonna be real hard.

Rains in the summer! My kind of weather. First off all, we had some nifty cloud formations over Mumbai due to the advent of a cold front. The next day was rain and thunder. Didn’t go to college, just sat back and relaxed. I love the rains—especially when I don’t have to go out in ’em.

Evolution as a game: this just might revolutionize gaming. Not that I’d know, I hardly ever play. But I just can’t stop fiddling around with a silly little game called Flow. And then there’s Spore. This just might be the first game I buy with my own money. The demo rocks.

One Good Move is my new favourite blog. There be clips. Lots of ’em. It’s my daily laugh-factor.

More later.

March 10, 2006

In case anyone was wondering…

Ya, I’m still here.