March 12, 2006

Misc stuff combined.

After twenty days of idleness, I would have thought going back to college would be fun. Three days on, I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

I’ve come to realize that programming is only fun when I’m actually into doing it. For my own sake. Finishing a project that I have no interest in is gonna be real hard.

Rains in the summer! My kind of weather. First off all, we had some nifty cloud formations over Mumbai due to the advent of a cold front. The next day was rain and thunder. Didn’t go to college, just sat back and relaxed. I love the rains—especially when I don’t have to go out in ’em.

Evolution as a game: this just might revolutionize gaming. Not that I’d know, I hardly ever play. But I just can’t stop fiddling around with a silly little game called Flow. And then there’s Spore. This just might be the first game I buy with my own money. The demo rocks.

One Good Move is my new favourite blog. There be clips. Lots of ’em. It’s my daily laugh-factor.

More later.

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