April 29, 2006

Music Vids.

In my (humble) opinion, there are the two best music videos of all time.

Subterranean Homesick Blues:

Bitter Sweet Symphony:

Any others?

April 27, 2006


Huh. Nothing’s different.

April 20, 2006

India Driving

I tried to resist, I really did. But can’t help posting this video.

It’s true, y’all.

Download it if you want. Just rename the file to .flv and play using VLC.


Lately, I’ve not read a lot of new stuff. These days I’m just so bored that I end up picking some book (which I like) off my shelves and start reading it. On a whim. Most of which I don’t finish.

To varying degrees, in the last week I’ve started re-reading:

  • Two Potter books
  • The Fountainhead
  • Vonnegut’s Hocus Pocus, Slaughter-house 5

Plus there I two ongoing books that I’m reading for the first time:

  • Thus Spake Zarathustra
  • Frost’s A Boy’s Will and North of Boston

The Potter books were just for fun. To set the mood. Whatever.

Finished half of the Fountainhead at one stretch yesterday. My first re-read for this book. A friend had it for over six months, and forgot to return it.

Just get the feeling that a lot of people like Ayn Rand’s books without actually understanding what she’s talking about. I, for one, won’t be really confident about giving my opinions on this book till I’ve read it a coupla times more, at least. That does not mean I won’t venture any opinions: just that I am liable to change them without warning.

What can I say about Mr. Vonnegut? Love him. Finished re-reading Hocus Pocus. Just love him.

Robert Frost writes beautiful poems. I’ve been carrying that book around for almost three months now—can’t rush reading poetry. It’s beautiful, but can only be enjoyed intermittently.

A lot of what Nietzsche writes I agree with. Sometimes I don’t. Again, I reserve my right to change my opinions, but it’d be safe to say that I like his books. Whatever. I sure as hell am not gonna stop quoting him.

Lately it’s become important that a book grab my attention. I was just doing some pointless math the other day, and figured that I don’t have time to read all the books I want. I mean, last year I barely read 80 books. Imagine I’d get the time to read even less once I start working. So if I’m not ‘into’ reading some book, then I’m not gonna read it. Haven’t got the time.

It’s amazing how many stories I can store in my head… Can’t remember any names if my life depended on it, but whenever I re-read some old book I liked, I remember perfectly what happened, and to whom. Sometimes I’ve stopped reading books, and picked up on the page I left off months later. Without noticing a change.

I have a terrible memory. I forget stuff all the time. I think I’m just wired to remember stories really well. All sorts of stories fascinate me—even the terribly written ones.


April 18, 2006

Three concepts

(Another experiment in writing. I apologise)

The concepts: infinity, zero, self-reference

Ways you can think about them: infinite

Their fascination: infinite

Significance of the infinite in everyday life: zero

The horror that is zero: infinite

Self-reference is: this

It goes on till: infinity

Wisdom gleamed for all my thinking: zero

Regrets: zero

Value of this post’s content: zero

Amount of fun this was to write: infinite

(Well, not quite.)


April 16, 2006


Stylistic considerations are important, and not only for aesthetic reasons. Style helps you build up your identity—for better or worse.

Sometimes I try to employ a brusque writing style. Without seeming rude. Short sentences rock. They’re full of energy.

I like putting pauses in the middle of a sentence, even the short ones. My sentences keep contradicting themselves.

I can be wordy, but don’t like to consult a dictionary too often. I tend to guess a word’s meaning: often I’m wrong but I like it that way. Long, flowing paragraph-length sentences are fun to read when written well; which I sometimes strive to do, but oft times with disastrous results.

I like semi-colons; but respect the fact that they’re not really all that necessary. They’re obsolete, and quite easy to over-use; I like ’em anyway.

But nothing beats my love for the humble apostrophe. Ain’t it wonderful? Hate it when it’s incorrectly employed.

Grammar’s important. So’s correct typography. But I try not to be pedantic. Haven’t got a clue about most rules of grammar really, I just go for what feels right.

Short paragraphs are easier to read. Text should not be too wide on the screen. Use a column-based layout if you can. Once you’ve written a few hundred pages, you can be allowed to write paragraphs longer than six lines.

Use of slang and/or inside terms if cool. Inventing words is cooler. Inventing styles that take a life of their own is the epitome of cool.

I love self-referential writing. Here I am, writing for you, dear reader! What can be more fun than this? Usually I’m better at hiding references, but the directness here was to make a point.

Style is valuable only when you create your own, and so long as we keep re-inventing ourselves. Does your style arise from who you are, or is it that you slowly change into something your style will be comfortable with? Some questions give you headaches: they’re the best kind.


On Wisdom

Wisdom is hard, knowledge is easy. You can always look up stuff you don’t know. Nine times out of ten you can easily figure out what the correct course of action is.

Wisdom is actually sticking to that course. Sticking to what you figure out is the truth. Not deluding yourself, not following the herd. Having the balls to stand by your decisions.

Wisdom is hard.

April 10, 2006

Beautiful words.

Some words are just too beautiful. They’re perfect. And I love them. You better do too.

æon: Don’t let anyone fool ya, the word’s æon and not eon. Anyone who disagrees can go to hell.

simulacra, simulacrum: Can’t you almost taste these words? Beautiful in too many ways to begin describing.

wyvern: Welsh, myth, dragon, snake. Any word where ‘w’ & ‘y’ come together is fine by me!

factotum: Fac totum. Fact o tum. Facto tum. Factotum.

audacity: L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.

conundrum: The first time I heard this word, thought it was spelled with a ‘k’ and spent hours trying to trace it’s spelling online in order to get it’s exact meaning.

mélange: Aren’t we all.

There are lots more: synchronicity, nevermore, epiphany, serenity, cello, solstice, curt, baroque, levity, luscious, oxymoron, subversive, redux et cetera.

And my most used word in recent times is: seriously

Seriously, just love the word. Can be used anywhere.

Ohh, and lets not forget ‘Cellar door’. It’s nice. Seriously.

April 07, 2006


Writing is too hard.
I’ve given up hope for now.
Haikus are funny.

A haiku a day
Write I will. A writer
Maybe I become.

One syllable here.
Another syllable there.
I’ve got no rhythm.

The first fresh coffee!
Oh how I long each morning.
To wake up to thee.

Too much thought
Is given to trivial pursuits.
Time’s a wastin’.

Run. Run. Run away.
For your life’s passin’ by.
You better be fast.

Enough ramblings. I
Will be back later. You, how
could I ever leave?

April 01, 2006

Fresh pickings

I just love raw mangoes. Freshly picked, not too ripe.

We have a few mango trees around my building, planted by some neighbours. So every summer I can always count on getting some of them. This year’s a lot better…

I live on the second floor. Right in front of my window’s a tree that’s started to bear fruit. I just have to lean out a little, pick one and eat. Good times.

Here’s the best way to eat your mango raw: slice it up, mix some salt and chilli powder and use it as dip. You need the mangoes fresh—the sourness increases after it’s picked. Or so it seems to me.

I’m not a big fan of ripe mangoes, and don’t get why people go all crazy over ’em. Hey, to each his own.

The ‘Hannibal’ series

Recently finished reading all three books. My advice: read Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs, skip Hannibal.

Was planning to post a review for each, but my wrist’s paining a little. Must stop playing stupid computer games…