April 10, 2006

Beautiful words.

Some words are just too beautiful. They’re perfect. And I love them. You better do too.

æon: Don’t let anyone fool ya, the word’s æon and not eon. Anyone who disagrees can go to hell.

simulacra, simulacrum: Can’t you almost taste these words? Beautiful in too many ways to begin describing.

wyvern: Welsh, myth, dragon, snake. Any word where ‘w’ & ‘y’ come together is fine by me!

factotum: Fac totum. Fact o tum. Facto tum. Factotum.

audacity: L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.

conundrum: The first time I heard this word, thought it was spelled with a ‘k’ and spent hours trying to trace it’s spelling online in order to get it’s exact meaning.

mélange: Aren’t we all.

There are lots more: synchronicity, nevermore, epiphany, serenity, cello, solstice, curt, baroque, levity, luscious, oxymoron, subversive, redux et cetera.

And my most used word in recent times is: seriously

Seriously, just love the word. Can be used anywhere.

Ohh, and lets not forget ‘Cellar door’. It’s nice. Seriously.

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