April 01, 2006

Fresh pickings

I just love raw mangoes. Freshly picked, not too ripe.

We have a few mango trees around my building, planted by some neighbours. So every summer I can always count on getting some of them. This year’s a lot better…

I live on the second floor. Right in front of my window’s a tree that’s started to bear fruit. I just have to lean out a little, pick one and eat. Good times.

Here’s the best way to eat your mango raw: slice it up, mix some salt and chilli powder and use it as dip. You need the mangoes fresh—the sourness increases after it’s picked. Or so it seems to me.

I’m not a big fan of ripe mangoes, and don’t get why people go all crazy over ’em. Hey, to each his own.

1 comment:

Sunil Natraj said...

Cya tom at ur place. I need mangoes!