May 29, 2006

Bon Echo

Firefox 2.0 is proceeding rather nicely. I’ve switched to using the Alpha builds exclusively… Bon Echo Alpha 3 was released this week and I must say that it’s rather nice. Really stable for an alpha version.

There are several improvements over Firefox 1.5. Some tabbed browsing tweaks, inline spell check, a search engine plugin manager (finally!). SessionSaver, or something akin to it, is integrated into the default build, so whenever your browser crashes, you can just continue surfing the same sites. Read about the new features and bug fixes in detail over at the Burning Edge.

All my extensions worked fine after I bumped up their version numbers.

Overall, I’m feeling rather good about this alpha. People who don’t want to play around with (potentially) unstable software are better off waiting at least until the 2.0 release candidate builds are out…

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