May 31, 2006


This is the first time I remember it raining this heavily in May. I love the rains—this is the best weather for reading. And thinking.

I love that one day it’s unbearable hot, and it rains the next day and the temperature becomes just perfect.

I love overcast days. Don’t know why people find them depressing. Clear skies are nice, but without some darkness now and then they’d soon turn pointless.

The only time I don’t like when it rains is when I’m going out somewhere. I don’t mind it raining when I’m coming back home—it’s refreshing. But when you’re gonna be out for a whole day, being wet equals being miserable. But I don’t mind it that much really… It’s a minor inconvenience that I’d gladly bear.

Heck, I even like the way my net connection is gonna be screwed for the next few months—more time for reading.



Ankur said...

its raining blog post too ;-)

Ankit said...

Yup. Count on it.