May 16, 2006

Search terms roundup

  • L&T Infotech is shit: Hmm… if you say so
  • why i hate the movie clockwork orange: I’ve not seen, can’t comment
  • "really boring document": What, my blog?
  • animated military fights: Don’t care for ’em.
  • kindly bear with us in the interim: I shall.
  • anti-war and tralfamadorians: A Vonnegut fan I see.
  • how to crack "hr interviews": If only it were as simple as googling…
  • "i don’t like java" break try return: Neither do I.
  • "integrity without compromise" paradox: No it’s not.
  • did any famous writers have psychogenic fugue: I’m sure some had.
  • effects of caffeine on pathological liars: I’ll just have to find out.

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