May 16, 2006

Sify again.

Allright, I’ve had enough. Sify Broadband was giving me such great service for a few months that I almost forgot all the nightmares I’ve had getting connectivity.

Well, that’s changed. Again. Sify’s again put up a 150Mb download limit per day on my package, with one day cut off for every 25Mb over. I just renewed my connection yesterday, and started downloading some stuff that was in my queue for a while. And I see today that I’ve got just a week’s validity left, instead of a month.

I’m sick and tired of all this problems with Sify. I’m looking for a (more expensive) unlimited package, if they do provide it, or even better, for another provider.

My local cable guy does provide Pacenet connections, will have to check it’s schemes out.

I’d use Triband right away, if MTNL didn’t have such ridiculous download limits. What’s the use of a 256k line when you can only download 400Mb in a whole month? I mean, Night usage is not fine by me: I don’t leave my PC on every night.

Broadband in India sucks. No provider has given me a satisfactory service so far. How hard is it to just provide a 64/128/256k line at a reasonable rate and not monitor each and every Mb I download?


Sparx said...

VSNL / TATA Indicom offer unlimited packages on a prepaid basis.

I'm currently using 128 kbps unlimited @ 900 p.m. + taxes. Speed's good @ about 120-124 kbps average.

The only major -ve is the sucky web based login page. The broadband client doesn't work in my area (checked out by VSNL support engineers after a personal visit), so I have to use a keep-alive utility to send random pings to different websites to simulate an active connection or it logs me off after a few minutes of inactivity.

Since, there's no default PPoE or RAS dialer, it makes life a little inconvenient to schedule downloads when I'm away from the machine

Sparx said...

Forgot to mention - I'm in South Mumbai.


Ankit said...

Thanks for the info. I'm checking it out :)

humbl devil said...

ever tried downloadin thru any p2p in triband...
seems like their dl monitor cant register downloads less than 1mb from the same peer...
so u save a lot...

The Unrest Cure said...

Hmm...Triband, in Delhi, has an unlimited package @ 256 for around Rs. 1350. Airtel's is @ Rs.999.

As far as Tata Indicom/VSNL is concerned, from what I heard from a few friends, it is avoidable. Shekhar (of had a useless connection, and then they put forth a list of conditions when he wanted to return the modem. Don't know about Bombay, though.

humbl devil: please elaborate. I have triband, and what do I have to do to use this facility. Every mb I download gets picked up by the d/l monitor, and we don't have golden hours in delhi.