June 09, 2006


Installed the latest CVS version of Emacs via EmacsW32. It rocks… Cleartype is working properly as well. Just need to get spell-check working now.

Ordered a few more books, from Fabmall this time. I’m burning through all the Indian online-shopping sites… Will see how this one fares.

Work may not start on 15th June after all. It’s all very confusing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The World Cup’s starting. Am even thinking of watching a few games… Football is better than most other sports: at least I can conjure-up a slight interest.

Am thinking of getting contact lenses. Have got bored wearing specs for so long, and I think lenses provide a better field-of-vision.

co.mments is quite useful. Do give it a try.

I’ve only just discovered the joys of Firefox Bookmark keywords. No more mouse!

Slashdot re-designs. I quite like the look: ’tis a mixture of the old and the new.

Next up in the reading list: The Demolished Man, Shantaram and The Historian.

The Indian stock market is going haywire. I don’t follow stocks: financial stuff just does not hold my attention. Even so, I can see that things are going amiss. Here’s a sparkline for the last month’s activity:

12,514 BSE Sensex Sparkline 9,810

OK, I confess, I just added the stock part to insert the fancy graphic. Was bored you see…

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