June 27, 2006

Tata Indicom saga…

I’ve been tired of Sify for a while, so when I got a call from a Tata Indicom representative advertising their ‘broadband’ connections, I decided to switch. Ongoing post, will keep updating as new info comes in.

June 20th:
The guy came over, we chatted for a while. I’m getting a one month 64kbps package for Rs. 700, including installation charges. Will try it for a month, if it’s not any good I can always switch back.

I hate paying by cheques (that’s the right spelling, right?). And why the hell did he ask for a copy of my phone/electricity bill as proof of residence? I can see I live here for himself. Plus the idiot could not believe I didn’t have a cell phone. Seriously.

Was promised the connection within 5 days. Right.

June 22nd:
My Sify package expired. Got a call asking for renewal. Told them I’m going to be out of town for a month, don’t need the net.

Will surf via proxy connections from friends. Not the best way to surf, but the only other alternative is MTNL dial-up, i.e. there’s no other alternative.

June 26th:
Am getting tired of using proxies, still no Tata Indicom connection. Got another call from Sify asking whether I want to renew my package, again told them off. Called the Tata Indicom guy (TIG from now on), he said that it’d be there by the ’morrow.

June 27th:
Nothing. Called TIG, said it’ll be done by today evening. Will see.

Evening 18:30:
I was willing to let the experiment continue for a few more days, but my folks here got pissed. After a couple of rounds screaming on the phone, we’ve decided that Tata is not worth the wait. Luckily, they didn’t deposit the cheque yet, so I’ve just blocked it’s payment. Will keep using Sify until something saner comes along (Airtel’s not available here, MTNL’s plans suck).


The Unrest Cure said...

No good. Seriously. Tata Indicom have outsourced their marketing and most that I've come across (or heard about) are useless. Play it safe: Airtel/MTNL.

The last word verification was okay..but this - jfjgcxvp - is a pain.

sandeep said...

arrrr ankit m thinking to switch to BSNL dataone since my cable operator becoming lazy in keeping up network and lots of problem from lan only,harrased by RTO(Request time out) i cant handle it any more .....

Ankit said...

Hmm... the tariffs seem good. 900 bucks for a 256k unlimited line... Cannot afford that myself right now, but that could change after a few months of work.

Is it available in Mumbai? I didn't see Mumbai in its list of cities...