July 11, 2006


First there were the heavy rains. Then there was some minor rioting. And now a series of bomb blasts. Mumbai’s in for it right now.

Check out Vantage Point for mostly live updates on the situation. Or you can watch the news. CNN-IBN’s site seems to be down though.

Phone networks are jammed-tight. Nothing works. No cellphones, no landlines. There was some footage shown outside Khar station: all blast survivors, bloodied and wounded, with no help on the way it seems, trying to call their loved ones. And shaking their heads when they couldn’t.

There’s a theory going around that the government’s blocked all calls: ostensively to avoid spreading rumours. How, by inducing more panic? Sounds like what these idiots in power could actually do.

The net’s still on. That’s a mercy.

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