July 17, 2006

Blogspot banned in India?

I’ve always felt that the Indian government is stupid, but I never realized how stupid they can really be.

It seems that some shadowy government body has decided to ban a few, or possible all blogs hosted at blogspot.com… Whether this is intentional or not, all blogspot blogs are not accessible from India.

Nikhil was the first one I knew who had this problem. Since then, many people have noticed the same. Some have talked to government officials. I personally didn’t have any problems accessing mine or any other blog, until this evening. It seems that Sify has joined in the fray, and has started the blockages too.

Frankly, I’m pissed. I’m betting on this being a temporary problem, caused mostly due to some miscommunication. We Indians have never been too big on open-ness, but I still can’t imagine something like this being permanent. I’m not too good at political rants, so allow me to give you all a (temporary) solution.

Tor is an anonymous-browsing network, which utilizes onion routing if I’m not wrong. Seemingly makes it impossible to block sites.

The setup is really simple, read the instructions. And viola:

Without Tor:

With Tor:

It’s a little slow, but I can’t complain of that.

Now someone please send me some ‘pre-fabricated’ mails I can fire off to Sify Customer Care and whatever Indian government agency is responsible for this. I’m no good at writing those myself.


Rohit said...

Pretty lame show by the government/ISPs. What next? We will have firewalls like China??

njus said...

Links between us-supported Pakistans ISI and 7/11 become more obvious also in the US. I'd say Blogspot may try to limit infos to indian bloggers. This way bloggers from india cant add comments to US-Blogs (while its still easy to read the blogs via bloglines etc.)

Ankit said...

njus: WTF? I can not speak your crazy moon language.

Think before you type.

Anonymous said...

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