July 12, 2006


I’m currently lost. FICS does that to people.

I wake up. Play a couple of games. Surf for a while. Play some more. Eat. Sleep. And then play s’more.

From the site:

The Free Internet Chess Server, with over 150000 registered users, is one of the oldest and one of the largest internet chess servers. Whether serious with your chess or just looking for the occasional game, whether looking for another player or eager to challenge a strong computer, whether you like a blitz chess or you are fond of one of the many variants, here you can play chess over the internet for free.

My chess client of choice for now is BabasChess.

My ratings are:

Category   rating     RD      win    loss    draw   total
Blitz      1141    137.3       3       5       1       9
Standard   1330    107.6       5       7       1      13

RD = Ratings Deviation.

This is the most telling stat:

% of life online:  20.6  (since Sun Jul  9, 23:32 PDT 2006)

I’ve been online there for 10 hours, 17 minutes since registration. Note to self: need to got a life.



The Unrest Cure said...

gmail registration not allowed. And I don't have a free address :(

Ankit said...

I registered using my Sify address: the first time I've used it.

Doesn't MTNL provide an address for triband users?

Rohit said...

I was on FICS a long long time ago. Interestingly I forgot my login name, I think it was either "telekinetic" or "roxtar" .. anyway, I had my chess program playing in there called "BlueFlash".
Try suicide chess, I found it more interesting.

Ankit said...

Yup, it's roxtar. Finger'd BlueFlash to find out...

Suicide chess seems interesting. I had a seek running for 15 minutes and no one wanted to play unfortunately. Will try later on.

Rohit said...

There are a few suicide playing chess engines on FICS. At least they were there when I was there. You can try them out.
But they are pretty brutal though. The search tree for suicide chess is less dense than normal chess. So, if you make even one small mistake, the computer will smirk at you and then kill you :)