July 30, 2006

Smart(er) spam

Gmail’s filtering rocks, but today I got a spam mail that got through to my Inbox. Spammers are getting smart. Just look at this:


First of all, they’re sending their messages via frikkin’ image attachments. I don’t think anyone’s gonna develop technology to filter image-based spam soon.

And secondly—this is just a hunch mind you—notice the message text. Innocuous looking, easy to get through the filters. I think there’s gotta be some hidden agenda here. Bayesian Classification is what most email filters are based on—and if you train your filter on such messages, there’re bound to be more false positives. This sucks.

Time to start looking for tougher email filters. Maybe go for a white-list approach.



Ankit Jain said...

Hey.. Ankit,

These days lot of image based spams are slipping in Gmail.

sandeep said...

yes same with me....those image spams aint getting filtered

Perspective Inc. said...

when spam slyly makes it in, tht just plain sucks! But Gmail is still so much better when it comes to their filters..relatively of course!

Shravan said...

Hey anks,
chk out the 'new` Rediffmail spam filter-- wch allows u to add the part-of-url

Ankit said...

I'm too dependent on Gmail to use anything else right now. And I don't think blocking a URL will help vis-à-vis spam—it just keeps coming in from every direction.

Good news is, I haven't got another message yet in my Inbox... maybe this one was just a fluke.