July 01, 2006

Some YouTube vids for ya.

I’m not embedding any videos here, you can as well click on the links and see ’em for yourselves.

First of all, have you checked any of Billy Collins’ poems? I’m not much of a verse man, but I do like the few of his poems that I’ve read. Without further ado, watch: Forgetfulness and The Dead. This is him reading those two poems with some wonderful animation thrown in for fun.

All Monty Python fans are in for a treat. YouTube has many Python sketches. My favourites: The Dead Parrot Sketch and The Four Yorkshiremen Sketch.

OK, I’ll be running through the rest quickly.

That should keep ya all busy for some time.

PS: To d’load those videos, go over to KeepVid. To play d’loded files, use VLC. When VLC does not work, use the FLV Player.


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